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Chinese fruit and vegetable juice processing industry and beverage machinery
May 09, 2017

In recent years, the food industry has found that the menus are generally more fresh fruit and vegetable juice options, and favored by consumers. This phenomenon also confirms that the fruit and vegetable juice beverage market has quietly opened the prologue, accompanied by people to improve the health of the quality of life requirements, fruit and vegetable juice beverage processing industry has ushered in a positive trend.

Flash technology promotes energy saving and emission reduction in fruit juice processing

Concentrated apple juice processing industry is the largest processing in China's fruit juice field, the highest technical maturity of a subdivision of industries, not only in the domestic, in the world has a leading edge.

With the increasing competition in the industry, all aspects of cost control become a common and long-term concern, and also become the industry a new competitive point. At present, the concentrated apple juice factory mainly to achieve high-temperature evaporation of juice processing technology, so that the consumption of thermal energy is very large, if the cost control from this link to put forward the goal, will achieve considerable economic value.

Based on this, China's Fruit juice processing field, the former Shaanxi Normal University Food College, professor of xenophobia after nearly one years of investigation and demonstration, the use of flash technology to achieve fruit and vegetable juice processing energy-saving targets of technical ideas. According to Professor Chou Nong, Flash technology is widely used in modern industry, such as seawater desalination, food and drug processing, drying treatment and other fields.