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Fruit juice industry and beverage machinery development
May 09, 2017

China's beverage industry has been a mature industry, new hot spots and growth points continue to emerge, the growth of new drinks faster, liquid filling machine market has a great potential for development. At the same time, the domestic liquid filling machine industry to quickly develop, it is necessary to actively participate in international competition, we must break the "small and scattered" industry posture, in the "sophisticated" in the direction of continuous progress. In the future, liquid filling machine has five development directions, respectively, in the technological development towards mechanical function diversification, structural design standardization, modular, intelligent control, high-precision structure of development.

Fruit Juice Beverage production line Industry Although the number of practitioners and the total number of enterprises, but the industry is weak scientific research, industry research institutes, tertiary institutions are also relatively small. Some cutting-edge technology in the industry such as ultra-low temperature, ultra-high pressure, membrane separation, supercritical extraction, radiation, vacuum and so on only a certain hospital is unable to complete, the urgent need for enterprises to invest money.

The future of beverage machinery market will be transformed into high-end market, in order to be able to stand out in the next international competition, need to improve product quality standards, market-oriented, increase product structure adjustment, innovative science and technology, increase new materials and technology research and development, the establishment of a strong impact of the beverage machinery brand market. The future market of beverage machinery has the potential of long-lasting development.