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Parts of Beverage machinery
May 09, 2017

The parts of the beverage machinery are fastened and the size of the machine is adjusted according to the size of the package; The most important is in the seasonal, the enterprise to the machine thoroughly clean, and the preservation of the facilities to be absolutely sealed, but also to make the machine in a dry environment, to ensure that beverage machinery is not liquid and other corrosion. 

The operation of beverage machinery must be detailed before reading instructions, familiar with the adjustment and use of methods, must follow the instructions. According to the beverage machinery specification, the vacuum pump regular maintenance, refueling (pay attention to keep the oil level), and strict attention not allowed to reverse, lest cause pump misoperation and pump inverted, oil poured into the pump vacuum system. Regular inspection under hot-pressing rack sealing cloth (PTFE) There is no foreign body, whether it is flat to ensure the sealing strength. Often check the machine grounding is good contact, to ensure the safety of electricity. When the beverage machinery malfunction, should be promptly shut down the power supply, if necessary, to take the urgent stop button, to put the gas after the lid, then turn off the voltage, check the reason, troubleshooting.