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The method of improving filling accuracy of liquid filling machine is simple
May 09, 2017

Nowadays, the time develops rapidly, in order to conform to the market demand, the liquid filling machine must continually improve, inject more scientific and technological elements, so that the mechanical properties and quality of the liquid filling machine are greatly improved. 

Now liquid filling machine has been widely used in the market repeatedly, the effect is very good, but the rapid development of science and technology, liquid filling machine can not neglect, stagnation will be abandoned by the times, liquid filling machine should be comprehensive adaptability to ensure that the market needs, filling accuracy is an important measure of liquid filling machine, if the filling accuracy of liquid filling machine is not allowed, too much will damage the interests of enterprises, too little filling will affect the credibility and reputation of the enterprise, so liquid filling machine filling accuracy must be adjusted. The following small addendum to discuss with you the liquid filling machine filling accuracy adjustment method.

1, the main consideration is the filling volume, filling speed, up and down the speed of the valve to determine the production of filling errors. The upper and lower valves relate to the viscosity of the product, the larger the viscosity, the slower the speed of the valve's switching speed.

2, adjust the valve size spring pressure should be measured by the experience of filling operators to judge.

3, thick main valve spring pressure regulating valve switching speed. The spring pressure increases the valve's switching speed. Become the industry leader in packaging.