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Beverage Packaging Machinery Has Increased A Level
May 09, 2017

Science and technology are the first productive forces, the beverage machinery industry in China's development speed, automation, intelligent and other advanced technology, so that it has a broader development prospects. After the emergence of automatic packing machine, in our country in need of automatic packaging products industry has been a great development, special beverage and food industry, production quality and efficiency has a historic change, make the security risk greatly reduced.

But for the beverage packaging machinery packing machine, the domestic good economic development market brings a broad market, but also for the further development of the industry laid the foundation. But it is undeniable that, compared with the advanced level of foreign countries, China's packing machine still has a large gap, especially in the technical level far behind.

In the face of broad development prospects, packaging equipment requirements more stringent, which requires the domestic packaging machinery automation, safety and efficiency, in order to meet these requirements, we must carry out technical innovation. In the process of technological innovation, research and production cooperation should continue to develop in depth.

At present, China's beverage packaging machinery industry has basically formed a large and medium-sized backbone enterprises as the main body, scientific research units and institutions of higher learning, and production technology innovation model research. In the development process of the new model, we should continually optimize the industrial and technological resources, improve the efficiency of innovation, carry on standardized testing, and constantly carry out the standard testing work, and promote the long-term development of the industry.