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Beverage Packaging Machinery Promising
May 09, 2017

At present, drinking water, carbonated beverages in china tea beverage pretreatment Equipment Domestic products basically can meet the needs, medium, low speed bottle, packing equipment also have matching products to choose, in the hot filling machine, equipment factory can solve the equipment in the hot filling environment control, sealing and other technological requirements. In the pet bottle, metal cans also favorable to the package, beverage enterprise Packaging production line is basically the introduction of equipment in the world.

Bottled water currently occupies a larger market share of Chinese beverages, bottled water packaging and carbonated beverage packaging with pet bottles, demanding relatively low, domestic equipment has a great development space. Because bottled water uses pet bottles to profit lower, the current bottle-making equipment is also mainly high speed line. Therefore, in the bottled water and carbonated beverage market will also have a strong competitiveness.

In the next few years, China's beverage and beer industry must enter the key period of integration. During this period, the merger of enterprises will be more frequent. Whether it's a beverage or a beer, it will further form giant enterprises and occupy a larger market share. With this adaptation, packaging machinery will be to multi-function and a single high-speed two directions. Canton Dongtai Machinery Manufacturing to adapt to the global packaging machinery industry development, for the vast number of new and old customers with high quality and low price of packaging machine products. For the beverage industry supporting industry, choose their own position, continuous innovation, for the beverage industry to provide the necessary packaging machinery.