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Chinese Fruits And Vegetables Processing Should Bid Farewell To Low Price Advantage
May 09, 2017

The R & D and innovation ability of fruit and vegetable processing enterprises is very weak, the core competence is only the so-called low price advantage. In foreign countries, most enterprises have R & D departments or R & D centers, the development of new products, the General Enterprise R & D costs accounted for 2%-3%% of sales revenue. However, most of the domestic processing enterprises do not attach importance to product R & D and technology inputs, do not pay attention to the enterprise training and introduction, resulting in Enterprise R & D talent and lack of facilities, resulting in enterprise R & D and innovation ability, technical level backward, product difficult to meet market demand.

With the increasing demand of fruit and vegetable juice beverage in the domestic and foreign markets, it brings a rare opportunity to fruit and vegetable juice production, grasping this opportunity, developing the research of key technical equipments of fruit and vegetable processing, the prospect of popularization and application is very broad, and the development space is enormous.