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Current Situation Of Beverage Market
May 09, 2017

Status quo A, the beverage industry's internal health category growth stable, but not health category performance is poor. Due to the abundant material life, rising consumption level, consumers pay more attention to health, so in the product consumption also tends to choose health drinks, such as drinking water, fruit and vegetable juice, vegetable protein beverage, herbal tea, sports drinks, and the high sugar content of carbonated beverages, tea drinks no longer like the past. In this way, the domestic beverage market participants should conform to consumer preferences for product adjustments, so as to stabilize the market.

Status quo two, health drinks momentum is sheng, the industry outside the participants into the continuous. Sydney, the emergence of rock sugar, herbal tea and so on leading the beverage industry health tide, now enterprises are in succession in the choice of this development direction. such as the industry of Honey Pomelo tea, loquat run lung tea development, the majority of enterprises are pharmaceutical companies such as Tai Chi Group, Tian Sheng Pharmaceutical, new drug industry and so on. Pharmaceutical companies join the ranks of health drinks, with R & D, raw materials and other advantages, but the beverage industry and pharmaceutical industry from the competition to the terminals are different, pharmaceutical enterprises in the consideration of the prospects also need to consider challenges.

The present situation three, the beverage industry interior most category market pattern basically has already fixed, enters the threshold higher. In the category of the basic market pattern, the new entrants will be very difficult if they want to achieve certain achievements. So as to create new product categories, so or can break a world.