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High-end Beverage Machinery To Meet The Development Of Demand
May 09, 2017

Beverage machinery equipment In China-the introduction of technology, digestion, absorption and independent innovation, gradually localization. Compared with foreign advanced technology, our beverage processing, product specifications complete, there is a complete, low-level automation and control, single machine performance instability, the application of advanced technology few shortcomings and weaknesses.

Beverage processing machinery in China can meet the general requirements of beverage manufacturers, but far from fully satisfied the development of beverage industry, especially the fruit and vegetable beverage pretreatment equipment manufacturing level is not high.

Beverage machinery manufacturing industry in our country must combine its own reality, draw lessons from the United States advanced technology, combined with practical experience, and actively explore new technologies, new technology development, production of high-end products to participate in international competition. High-end beverage machinery and the trend of the times, at the same time, only high-end beverage machinery can meet the needs of rapid development of beverages.