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High Level Of Foreign Beverage Equipment Manufacturing
May 09, 2017

The United States, Germany, Japan, Italy and the United Kingdom beverage filling machinery equipment manufacturing level is relatively high. Their beverage machinery and equipment show a new trend of development:

1. High-tech content, higher reliability: The full range of self-control and high efficiency. The on-line detecting device and metering device are complete, which can automatically detect the parameters and measure accurately. Set machine, electricity, gas, light, magnetic as one of the high-tech products are emerging.

2. Multi-function: The same equipment, can carry out tea drinks, coffee drinks, soymilk drinks and juice drinks and other beverages hot filling; can be made in glass bottles and polyester bottles filling.

3. High speed, high yield: carbonated beverage filling machine filling speed up to 2000 irrigation/cent, Germany H&K company, Sen Company, KRONES Company, its filling machine filling valve reaches 165 head, 144 head, 178 head respectively. Non-carbonated beverage filling machine filling valve 50-100 head, filling speed up to 1500 irrigation/cent.