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Juice And Beverage Filling Machine
May 09, 2017

1, the filling machine is used for the production of fruit juice, fruit wine, mineral non-soda drinks, Japan and Germany's most advanced technology for design. Use gravity fixed liquid surface filling. The filling speed is fast, the liquid quantity is precisely controlled, dripping leak.

2, the spring cramps are used for the washing process. Empty bottles can rotate over 180 degrees along the conveyor tracks. There are two times inside and outside washing, bottle washing efficiency.

3, the magnetic torque is used for the screw cap. The power of the spiral lid can be adjusted without a ladder. The power of the spiral lid can be adjusted without steps. The power of the screw cap can also be fixed, the lid will not damage, the cap is reliable.

4, the Machine adopts PLC control, touch screen is HMI. The amount of beverage in the storage tank can be controlled automatically. When there are no bottles, the filling and capping will automatically stop. The machine can stop automatically when the bottle is incorrect or the bottle cap is unavailable.