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The Present Three Development Trends Of Domestic Beverage Machinery
May 09, 2017

Direction A, the higher the production power needs the better

This reduces the cost of goods and meets the delivery time. such as cold filling production line from the plastic raw materials automatic on-line to beverage filling, large packaging and palletizing all automatically in the closed shop.

Direction two, updated changes to the merchandise more flexible

Packaging machinery to have a high flexibility and flexible, the production line promised to a certain standard range of packaging size can be changed. Because the life cycle of commodities is far shorter than the equipment life, changing the goods and packaging do not exchange precious packaging production lines.

Direction three, need to have automatic identification function

On the one hand, can automatically identify the thickness of packaging materials, hardness, rebound, and so on, through the computer response to the manipulator adjustment movements rugged, to ensure that no rebound. On the other hand, a variety of different commodities, such as different shapes of chocolate or snacks, and so on, in the same box, the placement of the rules.

Beverage machinery Enterprises need to grasp the current popular beverage, adjust product structure, timely research and development to seek new products breakthrough. Recognizing the development trend of the beverage industry and making the competitive strategy or introducing new products can help the enterprises to cope with the market more smoothly and freely.